White Ash Bark

White Ash trees have a distinct diamond shaped bark pattern. A young White Ash will have relatively smooth bark, as the diamond fissures deepen with age. If you are in a highland portion of the forest, you have likely found a White Ash. Red Ash are most often found in a low lying swampy habitat. Learning to recognize communities in different parts of the forest can be a rewarding way to anticipate which friends you will find where.

2 responses to “White Ash Bark

  1. I think I have an ash tree in our new rental home. It has red leaves coming on tree as well as the green. The cluster of leaves is only six leaflets. Is this a white ash tree?

    Thanks, Sister Jane Meuse
    St. Anne School
    Science Teacher

    • Hi Jane,

      Ash trees always have an uneven number of leaflets, because of the one at the very end. Black walnut trees on the other hand commonly have an even number of leaflets, though generally more than six. Keep an eye on your new friend over the summer — it’s a great thing to wonder about, and if you watch it closely, you’ll be certain to get more clues.

      Where abouts do you live? If you’re not in the East near the Great Lakes, you’ve got a whole different pile of other trees that it could be…

      Good luck, and good adventures,

      -KLR Collective

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