Ten Reasons To Go Outside in Winter

1. Following tracks...

Bundle up and treat yourself to walks outside! Send us a photo of the 10th reason to go outside this winter at knowingtheland@gmail.com, and we will post it up here. Good adventures! -KLR Collective

2. Downy Woodpeckers!

3. Winter buds: An Alder holds tight to both male and female dried flowers for two full seasons

4. Stories left in the snow: Wingprints and a fish head...

5. Short-cuts across the ice

6. The wide view through a bare canopy

7. Maple samaras against stormy skies

8. Rare wonders: a Tamarack's bare branches decorated with the dried shells of a wild cucumber vine

9. Willow banks: Cootes Paradise, Hamilton

One response to “Ten Reasons To Go Outside in Winter

  1. Tenth reason, offered by Morgan:

    “alongside and in a winding creek bed through a forest which holds many magical memories for me. i was visiting the midwest this winter when i took this picture. i love a snowy forest for its chaotic profusion of shimmering lights and shadows, the sunlight somehow made more enchanting when reflected off the dazzling glitter-white of snow. “

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