Learning from the Land: Workshop Series in Hamilton!

Want to learn more about local forests and ecosystems around Hamilton this summer? Want to share your knowledge and passion for wild spaces with a group? Then come join us for our four-part series of workshops in Hamilton

All sessions are three hours long, with one hour indoors and two outside. The workshops each have a different theme build on each other to allow us to explore many parts of the city and take the time to focus on the different knowledge and skills that those sites inspire. Write to us at knowingtheland(at)gmail.com to let us know you’re coming, and we’ll tell you where to meet us.

1) Forest Literacy — July 2nd at 2pm. Emphasizing some simple techniques for building our awareness of wild spaces, we’ll get to know some Carolinian tree, plants, and ecosystems.

2) Forgotten Hills — While appreciating scrublands, we will read the landscape’s history and understand how colonialism has affected and continues to effect this area. Date TBA.

3) Deepening our Connection — Play is resistance! by playing in the forest, we can develop new skills, like tracking creatures and enjoying edible plants. Date TBA

4) Seeds of Resistance — What threatens wild spaces here in hamilton? by understanding water and watersheds, can we envision a regional movement in defense of the land. Date TBA.

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