Second KLR Zine Released

Although it’s been hard to stay inside glueing and scanning during the summer time, the second Knowing the Land is Resistance zine is now released! This second collection contains the nine most recent articles from the KLR collective, including the map of the Spencer Creek Watershed and lots of handy tips for ID’ing plants and animals in the Carolinan zone. The zine is 16 sheets, double-sided, black and white, and you can download it over at in either printable or electronically readable version:

The articles in this zine represent a lot of learning and growth for our little collective. But although KLR has grown, it remains a project rooted in our intimate relationship with the land where we live. These aticles are then part of our continuing adventure in deepening our love and understanding of the wild spaces that energize and inspire us.

Over the past ten months, one recurring theme for us has been to challenge ideas of value. When is land deemed to have value and when is it dismissed as worthless? Is there another way to value wild spaces outside the logic of capitalism? While playing with that last question, we began to focus on systems and interconnectedness rather than on single places.

In our earlier work, we were trying to understand this or that patch of forest, but most of our articles in this zine ask bigger questions. What is the relationship between different parts of the same watershed? how does the health of the lad relate to the social and political conditions of the human communities around it?

In working on the Seeds of Resistance article, we became so enraged about the senseless destruction of trees along the Niagara Escarpment that we decided to call a forum to vision solutions for better defending it. This desire to network with other people who share our values morphed into the Seeds of Resistance Tour.

We hope you enjoy the zine! Drop us a line or leave us a comment with any feedback.

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