Learning From the Land: A workshop guide

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Back in the Spring of 2011, we shifted our focus from writing to holding workshops, and since then, we’ve done more than two dozen in cities and towns across Southern Ontario. We are almost too excited to share with you the culmination of this work, the Learning from the Land guide. It is available for download as a pdf at zine library: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2014/05/03/18755217.php

The most powerful part of these workshops for us was getting to know radicals throughout the region and to vision together a watershed-scale resistance movement capable of linking our local struggles. We are still glad to offer workshops and to participate in convergences, but the playful, collaborative workshops we offer can be facilitated by anyone — you don’t need any special knowledge to do it. Hopefully this guide can help spread the practice of rooting struggle in a personal connection to the land where you live.

The release of this guide marks a transition for our collective back towards writing investigative ecological pieces with an anti-colonial, anti-capitalist analysis. We hope to continue though in the spirit of building strong links in our region with those who support the health of the land and who fight back against its destruction.

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