Spring Love Affair: Top Ten Spring Blossoms

Large-flower Bellwort

Our city lives often move at a rapid pace, making it difficult to find time to connect with the forest world.

These days, the pace of growth and life in the forest is moving mind-blowingly fast, too. This makes it a good time of year to visit wild spaces often and move with infinite slowness, appreciating every little detail.

To  make time for this appreciation every day, we’ve been trying to develop good habits, like getting up an hour earlier before work in the morning, or taking the traintrack corridors home. You don’t need much time or to go very far into the wild spaces to watch the Spring come, and Springtime magic is the perfect inspiration for nurturing these routines.

For instance, we’ve been getting out to Princess Point not long after sunrise, and spending whatever time we have walking slowly as far as the first big Hemlock tree. This walk would take less than five minutes at normal speed, but we want to stop and look at every little thing that’s changed since the day before! Somedays it takes us the full hour to do it.

It seems as though more and more buds, blooms and wildflowers appear with each new dawn. Moving slowly comes easily as we take in every inch of the forest floor’s celebration of the sun. In this post, we have included a few pictures of the many flowers we’ve been seeing in the past week. Just taking a few steps into a corner of scrubby trees is all it takes to get in on the celebration. Spring is here, and it’s moving fast. So let’s slow down and get into the forest again!

Colt’s Foot

Sugar maple leaves emerge


Trout Lily

Cut-Leaf Toothwort and Wild Leek

Tamarack Flower

Marsh Marigold

Wild Ginger

Choke Cherry blossoms

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