Tree Seed Collection Guide



KLR is offering fall-time workshops! Collecting tree seeds makes us think about the colonial history of the forest, and lets us imagine what world we want to nurture into the future.

Offered in the southern Great Lakes region only. Workshops are outdoors rain or shine, 2 hours in duration. Travel reimbursements required, please and thanks. Contact for more information. Happy tree seed collecting!



3 responses to “Tree Seed Collection Guide

  1. To be added – highbush cranberry, staghorn sumac, choke cherry, choke berry, hazelnut, swamp white oak, chestnut white oak.
    To be omitted – Manitoba Maple, because it is not an Ontario tree. It has been introduced, and has become much of an invasive.
    ~ Manidoonaateshing-ikwe / Phylmarie Fess

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